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Motorhome & Caravan security – get to know your options

Motorhome Secure Driveway Parking

It seems to be all we hear right now, ‘track & trace’, but when it comes to your pride and joy, do we need to be quite so hung up on this phrase? With break-ins and thefts on the rise, it’s well worth considering what measures you can take to protect your home-from-home. Here we’re going to look at the options available to try and prevent break-ins and theft, and then if it does happen, how you can give yourself the best shot at getting it back!

Top tips

  • Lock windows and doors, keep valuables out of sight and set your alarm.
  • Have a VIN Chip fitted and register it with CRiS. Police forces across the UK and Europe are using this system by scanning to see if a caravan or motorhome has been reported stolen and find out who the registered owner is. It’s worth seeing if you already have one, as many do these days. If not, get one fitted!
  • Go one step further by installing a tracker, so police can immediately track the location of a stolen motorhome or caravan and trace it back to the rightful owner.
  • Fit hitch locks and immobilisers even when it is in storage or you are on holiday.
  • Don’t underestimate a wheel lock, which acts as both a deterrent and anti-theft device.
  • Store your caravan/motorhome in a safe and secure location – ideally in an area with CCTV and good lighting. If you are storing it at home, try to block it in and make it as difficult as possible for a thief to get out.
  • When holidaying, use registered sites with a good level of security.
  • Be neighbourly – keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously, ask neighbours to do the same, and report any suspicions to the police.
  • And of course, in case you do fall victim to thieves – have insurance!

So, ultimately our advice is to invest in security and, to give yourself the best chance of getting yours back if it is stolen, get a tracker. It’s time to outsmart thieves!