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7 essential tips for motorhome and campervan winter storage

Snowy Scene Motorhome Parked Up

Following a summer of outdoor exploration and magical adventures, the colder months will probably force you to put your motorhome or campervan in hibernation mode until next year. Before parking your caravan or recreational vehicle for the winter, though, all responsible owners
must take the necessary precautions to prevent potential weather damage.

With these seven essential tips, you won’t need good luck to keep your motorhome in great health over the colder months.

1. Empty habitation water

Most motorhome and campervan owners won’t need to use toilets, sinks, or other habitual appliances over the winter months. Draining the water from the appliances and vehicle heating system will prevent potential freezing (and bursting) of the pipework, thus saving you a lot of hassle when the spring arrives.

Leave the taps open to drain off any last drips of water and avoid pressure buildup. Parking on an incline will allow any remaining water to drain out over the winter too.

2. Remove the battery

Unless you are prepared to take an hour-long drive at least once per month to preserve the engine and battery, campervan owners are advised to remove the battery and store it in a dry, warm location. Batteries from habitual appliances such as clocks or gadgets should be removed from the caravan or vehicle too, to avoid leaking.

3. Clear waste

Removing food from the cupboards and refrigerator will stop mice and insects from scavenging inside the motorhome. Moreover, it will prevent nasty smells, which could become trapped in the caravan curtains and sofa fabrics, from surfacing over the winter months. Bedding should be removed, so as to avoid mould growth.

Most crucially, the toilet waste cassette must be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the accumulating smells could take weeks to remove when the spring arrives.

4. Check tyres

Campervan and caravan owners might not use their vehicles in the winter, but adverse weather can still damage tyre treads. To avoid this, you must check that the tyre pressure is at the desired level before parking up for winter. Likewise, you must be vigilant to cracking or existing damage.

5. Think gas, electric, & water

The gas valve should be turned off and the gas cylinder should be removed and stored in a dry place. Meanwhile, covering outside vents will prevent leaves from entering the system. The internal sockets should be covered to overcome moisture and rust threats. While the breaker should be switched off, unplugging appliances is advised.

Water filters should be removed, so as to avoid freezing; however, you may want to start next year with a new water filter entirely. This will guarantee fresh water.

6. Prevent rusting

Rusting is perhaps the most common threat to caravans, campervans and motorhomes at this time. Take control of the situation by applying silicone oil onto locker hinges and associated features. Encouraging air circulation and using a dehumidifier can work wonders too.

7. Clean & insulate

Cleaning the interior elements of the vehicle is important, but you must not forget outside features. When left untreated for several months, grime will cause damage to caravan paintwork. In severe cases, it can penetrate this to damage the metal underneath. A thorough clean using hot water and standard cleaning items is key.

Finally, if you are parking the motorhome outside for the winter, you should keep it covered. That extra layer of protection and insulation could make all the difference.


The winter months will pose a number of threats to your campervan, but the above pre-winter tips will help you maintain control. To ensure that your vehicle is in perfect health ahead of this period, book your pre-winter servicing by giving us a call today.

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